Tribal + Location Based Services

This post refers to the August 4th Smoke Signals Report from the Tribal DDB Worldwide Network

All quotes are from the aforementioned article.

Both parts of the Smoke Signals this week refer to Location Based software. First is GoSpotCheck an application which allows marketers to “crowdsource information about products within the retail environment.”

“Need an understanding of competitive product placement, pricing, or promotional materials? GoSpotCheck actually pays shoppers to go on missions, take pictures of requested information, and relay the details to brands in real time.”

“Implications: Mobile platforms are enabling collective action never seen before. Services like GoSpotCheck, Airbnb, and Kickstarter effectively propose an alternative to traditional organizations and their processes. Brands should consider how these technologies can improve existing research methods as well as inspire new ways of revealing consumer insights.”

While not being entirely applicable in the Caribbean as of yet, I can see the opportunities presenting themselves. In islands like Trinidad which are plagued with traffic congestion, getting physical data from a place not nearby can be at times impossible and most times impractical. Having an option like this where people nearby the location can collect the data you need, and send it back to you has implications to reduce idleness, increase productivity on both ends and help out underemployed or unemployed persons.

The second part of the Smoke Signals Report deals with Foursquare. “Foursquare is making it easier for brands to manage their presence on its platform.”

“Now that demand for branded pages is at an all time high, the company has decided to roll out a self-service feature which lets any brand, organization, or publication create its own page. The feature was built with big brands in mind, as entire teams can now manage the same page and its content.”

“Implications: By rolling out this feature, foursquare is demonstrating its desire for brands to use its platform as a marketing vehicle. It also signals increased competition in the location-based services space; both Google and Facebook have stepped up their game and are also providing businesses with ways to promote themselves. Being that the space is still young with no real obvious leader, it would benefit brands to simply be aware of and continue experimenting with the unique features of all three.”

Foursquare, an application that is now seeing a sizable uptick in users within the Caribbean is still slow to be adopted wholeheartedly by businesses. The most recent business to put a foursquare special in place is Mario’s Pizza. With Island life as it is, having major events, summer months abuzz with band launches and every kind of party imaginable it is easy to see the power of location based services. We have a country that is hurtling towards technological saturation and connectivity, a population that loves to speak their mind and finally a way for businesses to listen, engage and encourage interaction with their brand on a personal level.

I see location based ‘errand services’ like GoSpotCheck and the increase in use of Foursquare Brand pages as being a step towards a more connected future. Allowing Brands to have their fans check into say ‘A Bandlaunch’ for example in hopes to win a free costume, or if an Ad Agency needs to keep tabs on which billboards are still up and therefore who needs to be billed or paid for the use of the ad space this kind of service would prove very useful. Making sure water reaches the right places at the right time makes the world of difference. Getting information to and from places that require a physical presence can truly improve the quality of service a brand can offer.



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