Tribal + A State of Emergency

As many of you already know, the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago has instituted a limited state of emergency to combat the rising crime situation. As of this morning word has been given that the curfew would be from 9pm to 5am for the next fifteen days.

I heard the news around 8pm last night, which quickly convinced me to change my plans for the night. However, instead of finding out via conventional news sources, all of my information came from BBM. Broadcasts, most repetitive but still chock full of information from concerned friends and associates.

The areas under lockdown are:

The City of Port of Spain

• St. James East• St. James West• Woodbrook• Northern Port of Spain• Belmont East• Belmont North & West• Southern Port of Spain• East Dry River• St. Ann’s River South• St. Ann’s River Central• St. Ann’s River North• Belmont South

The City of San Fernando

• Cocoyea/Tarouba• Les Efforts East/Cipero• Les Efforts West/La Romain• Marabella East• Marabella South/Vistabella• Marabella West• Mon Repos/Navet• Pleasantville• Spring Vale/Paradise

The Borough of Arima

• Calvary• Arima North East• Arima West• Arima Central• Malabar• Tumpuna• O’Meara

The Borough of Chaguanas

• Charlieville• Edinburgh/Longdonville• Enterprise North• Enterprise South• Cunupia• Montrose• Felicity/Endevour• Munroe Road/Caroni Savannah


The San Juan/Laventille Regional Corporation

• Maracus Bay/Santa Cruz/La Fillette• Febeau/Bourg Mulatresse• Morvant/Upper Malick• San Juan West/Caledonia• St. Ann’s/Cascade/Mon Repos West• St. Barb’s Chinapoo• Beetham/Picton• Success/Trou Macaque• Aranguez/Warner Village• Barataria• Petit Bourg/Champ Fleurs/Mt. Lambert• San Juan East

The Diego Martin Regional Corporation

• Chaguaramas/Glencoe• Goodwood/La Puerta• Covinge/Richplain• Diamond Vale• Morne Coco/Alyce Glen• Petit Valley/Cocorite• St. Lucien/cameron Hill• Belle Vue/Bossiere 1• Moka/Bossiere 2

This is a prime example of the speed of information in this social media era. Where even breaking news was gained over the computer rather than the TV screen. Wherever you gain your information from we at Tribal Caribbean urge you to be safe and sensible during this period of heightened security.

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5 Responses to Tribal + A State of Emergency

  1. triaxialmit02 says:

    Communication is simply the method with which we use to transfer information…if society’s methods of communication changes and you don’t want to use that method, then don’t expect to get the message. Sit back and wait for the smoke signal.

  2. Its the new age of Communications, but trust that there’s a high probablity of it being full of rumours and mis-guided information. Sadly in Trini, you still need to rely on print, tv or radio for reliable bulltins, which is more often than not, very delayed. Whats even more ridiculous is when these sources quote the rumours as news…Case in point Express printing the BBM “hotspots”. Leave those things for the ‘propaganda’ media, but hey its all about what sells right? But as a popular trini site says whenever ‘news’ is posted ..”pics! or it didnt happen”. You really need to take Social media “news” with a pinch of salt.

    • Indeed, as with all information you get online and even offline be wary of the source. We don’t suggest you believe everything posted on your social media feed. We simply meant to reinforce the fact that information consumption is changing.

  3. triaxialmit02 says:

    Tonight on the TV news report, a journalist was commenting that often times the financiers of the Newspapers and TV stations have a very large influence on the content of the information delivered to viewers / readers.

    So you really need to take Newspaper and Televised “news” with a pinch of salt.

    Today I got the same “news” via BBM at 8pm last night as 8pm tonight on the TV. 24hours difference, same content.

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