Tribal + Multimedia

This post refers to the September 1st Smoke Signals Report from the Tribal DDB Worldwide Network

All quotes are from the aforementioned article.

“Musical artist Tokyo Police Club, in collaboration with Polaroid’s The Movement, has launched an initiative to cover 10 songs in 10 days – one song from each year of the past 10 years.”

Not only is this a great way to pay tribute to some of the bands’ favorite bands or artists that they draw inspiration from but they also promote their own brand quite effectively to a broader audience.

“By visiting Polaroid’s site, you can see what songs they will be covering, as well as images associated with each of those tracks shot with a Polaroid and learn more about Polaroid’s other initiatives. What makes this project even more interesting is that Tokyo Police Club launched the first cover, “Little Sister” by Queens of the Stone Age, via Mashable’s Music Monday program.”

“This is a good example of robust collaboration and co-branding – a band is covering other artists’ music, collaborating and hosting it with a ‘traditional’ brand, and launching it via a branded digital content network.”

“Implications: Brands who choose to create unique content must not only create interesting content, but also find innovative ways to share and launch it. Collaboration can help brands facilitate more interesting content, and launch it in established and relevant communities.”

Within the Caribbean, it is hard to find an artiste that hasn’t been inspired by other musicians around the world yet for the majority of musicians it is hard to get their music internationally recognized for various reasons. With this sort of multimedia approach it can actually help get their music out there. A point to note however is that this is a multimedia collaboration from two already established groups. I believe that if a band or musician truly has talent, there will be the option for them to use one of the many international brands within the Caribbean to spread their content around the world. The same way marketers advertise their clients brands through a variety of mediums so too should artists seek to market themselves.

The ocean is so big because it is fed by so many different sources, getting your brand known means entering from as many different sources as possible.



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